A Corset Sew Along

Though it is probably too late to join the Sew Along and get up to speed with the projects that have already been started, I want to post this as a resource for making your own corsets…

Jo, at http://bridgesonthebody.blogspot.com is a contributor for www.foundationsrevealed.com , a members only corsetry website where articles, tips, tricks and more by corsetry professionals are posted for everyone’s learning benifit.

Jo is currently hosting a 1911 corset sew along. Each post in the series shows step by step info and instructions for creating the 1912 corset pattern. Even if you are making a corset with a different pattern, I’m sure the posts and the comments after each post will help in any corset making endeavor.

Jo also has a free 1910-1914 corset pattern that she drafted herself from an actual period corset. She also has an article she wrote about the corset for FR, that gives a bit of explanation of how the corset was constructed and how she drafted her pattern from it. It seems to be a rather simple and self explanatory corset for those who have some sewing experience. I am in the process of making this corset myself and will one day post on how it turns out. So far, so good!

The introduction of the sew along is in the link below. Read through the subsequent posts and you have a wealth of information at your finger tips!



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